Welcome to Majestic Oaks Auction, Great Lakes

Best Sellers

Amphibious Piglet GL 2011 - 1,200,000,000 Gold
Festive Grapes in Easter Dye - 700,000,000 Gold
George the Pirate Monkey, GL drop, 1/20, season 10 - 700,000,000 Gold
Unique Rare One of A Kind! The Holy Symbol of Raijen, Lord of The Sky - 700,000,000 Gold
Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold

Inside MOA

Majestic Oaks Auction House has been supplying brokering, house transfer service and auction services for the people of Great Lakes Shard for many years. Majestic Oaks now hosts one auction per week on Great Lakes, Thursday evening, 8 p.m. CST, 9 p.m. EST and 6 p.m. PST. The Majestic Oaks Auction guild tag has come to represent an organization that can be trusted to assist you in purchasing items, moving them, buying and selling real estate in game. Whether your intention is to add to a collection, liquidate assets into gold we will do what we can to help. This is possible due to the tireless efforts of many MOA staff who work both in front of your computer screen and behind the scenes.


For your protection MOA staff will NOT accept items as submissions for sale outside of the auction house, and only then by authorized members who  have the ability to provide you with service from inside what we affectionately call the 'pit'.

SUBMITS: Each week we accept and process many submissions. Here are a few things you should know. 1. The bag you place your item in should contain a book, from the NPCs. 2.  Recorded in the book should be your characters name, Your icq number or contact information, The name of the item for sale, the minmum price you are willing to accept for the item. (It is this minimum that often triggers for newcomers to the auction the most distress.) 3. The Item itself. The economy of Ultima shifts greatly and frequently.  Each new release or alteration brings new valueable items, ruins a few usually, and creates rushes to be the first on the block to own one. Conversely the recent reduction in 'duping' items and gold, the loss of ebay as a place to 'buy' uo gold, increases in difficulty of monster bashing, costs of insurance and those things which are meant bring equality and balance to the game also have caused hiccups.

All these factors, along with item's intrinsic value are different to people, for different reasons. Having the right buyer in the crowd at the right time can make a huge difference in sale price too.   These are the reasons that we do NOT offer "I'd set the minimum at this price at" advice too freely. Instead we advise that you consider what it cost you to get it, what you are willing to accept if it sells for no more than that price. Keeping in mind that if you set the minimum too high folks likely won't bid.  You face a bit of the Champagne tastes on a beer budget syndrome. Upon submission the accepting MOA agent will note the date and their name in your book. We use this to try to create a balance of variety in the auction while trying to assure folks don't have items sitting in our storage for months waiting on a sale.

Alright, you have an item behind the counter at MOA waiting to be sold... so Now what? After submission, a MOA staff person sorts all those items as space comes open into the sales/auction storage. Each is assigned a lot number in our filing system.   Then the Auction broker, which varies from auction to auction, is the person who looks at the master list of all the items in the sale trunks and selects which are pulled for sale to promote interest, variety, by age of being in house (not necessarily in this order).  They hit the auction block, with the auctioneer taking the item information from the website along with the minimum bid. Which is the starting price.

Once bids have been gathered and a final sale is made.. we reach the next step.

The Cashier, collects the money for the item, trades the item to its new owner. Payment is now made via the new check free trade window. Then at the end of the auction, the cashier does the final clerical and filing work. Payouts now have to be done IN PERSON. Notifications are done as time allows regarding money to pick up. Which is very limited. If you wish to pick up on an atlernate character, have a friend or spouse pick up PREARRANGE with staff. An icq message or some means to verify we are to pay this person.

FEES: This is where our fee comes into play. Effective 1.27.16 a 3% fee is caluclated on the selling price.  This fee is deducted up front from the sale price. Now, this money does a great many things. NONE of which is to pay staffers we are all volunteers. Fees are used to purchase items for the mystery chests, to pay for auction supplies, runes, gate scrolls, that sort of thing, to host events like our Easter, Halloween & Christmas events.  Also other events we host or co-host throughout the year on the shard. Those monies also provide The free gold we give out as prizes for Trivia contest and the like.

Now to unravel the mystery chest!  No matter how many times I have watched this done, it confuses people. An MOA staffer/shopper travels vendor house in Great Lakes, raids stores of items from other staffers, and compile into a container.  The minimum value in gold is no LESS than 300,000 gp. However, they are most often far exceeding that in value. Sometimes they may have soulstone fragment tokens, vet rewards, vendor sale items, special rewards, event items or looted items of rarity.  A whole host of UO things could make their way in there.  The trunk is offered sight Unseen to the patrons of the auction. When bidding closes the winning bidder MAYBE offered the chance to gamble on the price he/she will actually pay. Usually a game of chance involving dice of some sort. It can be a discount of so many gold pieces per number showing on the dice, a free, half or full deal... sometimes the risk of double your bid comes into play. (I've never seen that actually happen)When a gamble is offered most often the final price ends up being a fraction of what the original bid is. Again not until the winner opens it do they know what they bought.  The proceeds from MC's help keep us running just like other fees.