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Best Sellers

George the Pirate Monkey, GL drop, 1/20, season 10 - 700,000,000 Gold
Unique Rare One of A Kind! The Holy Symbol of Raijen, Lord of The Sky - 700,000,000 Gold
Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold
2 Story Statue - 660,000,000 Gold
Balhae Lunar Lucky Pig - 600,000,000 Gold
To schedule a pickup, submission, or to make general inquiries, contact one of the staff members below. Remember, it is our policy NOT to take submissions outside of "the pit" of the Majestic Oaks Auction house.


As all have before me, I came to Majestic Oaks Auction through the referral of a friend who worked there. Grigory was intent on finding a trustworthy replacement for himself. I also began my new life with MOA as a gater. Before long I was decorating, color coding storage, learning the ropes from Soulblighter. A spinster of a middle age Elf, I have little time for anything but my work. I am honored to have had the attentions and praises of many in game. I am blessed to work with such a fine crew.

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ICQ: 678797394

DJ Scorp

Bio forthcoming.

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ICQ: 1618416


Melody has been playing UO off and on for about 18 years and has been working at MOA for at least 9 years. She has done everything at MOA from gating to auctioneering, but currently serves as the broker. She's married with 2 kids and a bachelor degree in science which has been of absolute no use.

Contact Info:

iCQ: 1303649


Fish swim, birds fly, gaters gate. Anthony is a gater. He also performs other duties for MOA on certain occasions. He also is utterly smitten with Melian.