Majestic Oaks Auction Atlantic

Best Sellers

George the Pirate Monkey, GL drop, 1/20, season 10 - 700,000,000 Gold
Unique Rare One of A Kind! The Holy Symbol of Raijen, Lord of The Sky - 700,000,000 Gold
Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold
2 Story Statue - 660,000,000 Gold
Balhae Lunar Lucky Pig - 600,000,000 Gold

Currently Majestic Oaks Auction Atlantic (MOAA) is held randomly (approximately four (4) times per year).

Staff consists of: DJ Scorp (Auctioneer)*, Princess Melody*, Fiona Giovanni [Melian*], Jerry Springer*(Esme Lovingsgood),  FifiCuddlyPoops*(FofoCuddlyPoops),Hemi

*Home shard is Great Lakes, we all have characters that have been created on Atlantic to provide you these services. 

The house is outside Luna on the North side of the city, the house is owned by Hemi. Auctions have been on Wednesday nights beginning at 8 p.m. Central Time/ 9 p.m.  Eastern. We endeavor to do about 90 minutes of auction which depending on bidding will mean approximately 20 items as typically we do mostly rares and EM event items on this shard. 

For those who are unfamiliar with us, items are submitted to staff for auction. For your protection, feel free to ask the staffer you contacted to enter the "pit" as only co-owners to the house can enter this place. You provide an NPC book with a minimum bid (we do NOT do reserve bids). So by way of explanation you have item x you'd like to sell, if you tell us you wish to start the item at 25,000,000 gold  but you have a reserve of 250 million we will begin the item at 250m so you will NOT get less that the amount you deem the item, worth. When valuing an item it is up to the seller to weigh risk and reward. A low minimum will give you more bidders but you also risk leaving a good deal of gold potentially on the table. This is part of the auction experience. 

Our first appearance, fall of 2019, we did NOT charge any percentage commission on the sale. On Great Lakes we charge a small percentage which is gifted back through trivia and events.  As the process moves forward and with much debate a consensus was reached we will collect 4% of the total sale up front on Atlantic. This will be split, 2% for Majestic Oaks Auction which will be gifted back between Atlantic and Great Lakes and 2% for the venue.  

The auctioneer reads bids on the screen and his journal is law. We may from time to time due to a "sniper" getting in a last second bid having to rewind the auction.