Getting to MOA

Best Sellers

Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold
Great Lakes 2010 EM Items (Jingle Bells, and 'A Christmas Mug Crafted by Merry Elves' - 300,000,000 Gold
Nightmare Casino Staff Tunic - 201,000,000 Gold
Capulet's Wedding Dress Blessed Can NOT be locked down - 200,000,000 Gold
NEW Vanity Mount Eowmu - 175,000,000 Gold

Majestic Oaks is located at 57°23'N, 91°53'E on the Great Lakes server.  You can find us easily by going through the Bucaneer's Den portal, heading west out of Vesper's south entrance, or going south out of Luna and using the banner.  We also employ a friendly gate service via Anthony, who will provide gates from the Luna mint every Thursday beginning around 7:40 PM Central.