Submission Guidelines

Best Sellers

Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold
Great Lakes 2010 EM Items (Jingle Bells, and 'A Christmas Mug Crafted by Merry Elves' - 300,000,000 Gold
Nightmare Casino Staff Tunic - 201,000,000 Gold
Capulet's Wedding Dress Blessed Can NOT be locked down - 200,000,000 Gold
NEW Vanity Mount Eowmu - 175,000,000 Gold

Any member of the MOA staff whose contact information you find under "Our Team" can accept a submission.  You can find submission kits outside the auction house.

To submit an item for auction, place the item and a book in a bag.  The title of the book should be your character's name. The author of the book should be your ICQ# or email address.

The first page of the book should include the minimum bid (opening bid) and a description, if desired.

Each item you submit needs to be bagged separately with its own book.

Be careful to close the book before closing the bag its in or the book will be erased.