Auction Policies

Best Sellers

Amphibious Piglet GL 2011 - 1,200,000,000 Gold
Festive Grapes in Easter Dye - 700,000,000 Gold
George the Pirate Monkey, GL drop, 1/20, season 10 - 700,000,000 Gold
Unique Rare One of A Kind! The Holy Symbol of Raijen, Lord of The Sky - 700,000,000 Gold
Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold

Policies & Grievances

As with any interaction conducted between human beings there is the potential for disagreement and misunderstanding.

We do put a great effort into representing items we have for sale as they truly are. A wide number of players who have played this game for many many years, collectors, the detail oriented are often consulted to verify as best we can the validity of what we sell as what it is represented to be. It is NOT our intention to ruin our reputation by misleading patrons.

Each Majestic Oaks Staffer has been brought into the organization by referral.

This is done in an attempt to insure the safety of your items and gold. In addition to this step staffers begin as gaters, and through increased levels of trust and responsibility those who manage Majestic Oaks gauge as best they can the next trainings and levels of trust offered.

A professional and courteous demeanor toward fellow staff and patrons is expected. Issues of privacy and customer confidentiality will be maintained.

It is expected that any MOA staffer conduct themselves in an honest manner when dealing with patrons, other staffers and associates supporting MOA through volunteering or donations.

Now you may not necessarily appreciate some of that honesty when you are advised an item is not saleable at Majestic Oaks, or when you're told you'll have to wait until another staffer arrives at the auction house. However, these things are done to protect you. Maintaining the level of trust that our patrons have offered is key.

Disagreements over most anything involving your patronage of MOA can be discussed and dealt with if tempers remain in check.

On the other side of the coin, we do expect a few things from our patrons in return.

Treat MOA staffers and PATRONS with respect and courtesy.

RESPECT the RIGHTS of OTHERS at the auction or event to enjoy it also. Refrain from being a distraction or rude by not casting, working skill, spamming or harassing others while you are attending or participating in an event. The rules of the auction are given prior to beginning.

No false Bids

Keep talking minimal other than to bid (unless in party) A few comments here and there are allowed to slide.   However, this is not only disruptive to the other patrons, it makes the auctioneer, brokers and cashiers job that much more difficult as the journal scrolls very rapidly. Causing delays.

Spells should be limited to In Lor when necessary, transportation spells when leaving to retrieve money or depart the auction. It would be preferrable if you could move to the entry way.

No PROFANITY, cursing, swearing what ever you wish to call it. This includes computer lingo such as WT.... Including offensive guild names or titles. Meaning profanity, vulgarity, or racial slurs.

If you are the winning bid, leave and pay the cashier right away.

The Auctioneer's Journal is LAW.

Bidding Guidelines:

These are set by  EACH Auctioneer.. typically no less than 5k raises to start and 100k rasises after a million gold.

Your Rights: 1. You have the right to attend an event open to the public so long as you do NOT infringe on others.

This said we are NOT the UO police. We would appreciate any interpersonal or guild differences be left at the door.

2. You have the right to prompt, courteous service to the best of our ability to provide it.

3. You have the right to attend an event without fear of profane or demeaning language. (Suggestive is different) We do try to keep the PG13 rating in mind.

4. To receive the items for which you have paid promptly.

5. To retrieve your earnings upon arranging an appointment to get them.

6. To offer suggestions, complaints or grievances.


1. The auctioneers journal is law.
2. Disruptive or rude behavior may result in an expulsion from the facility as a warning.  
3. One warning will be given, a second violation will result in a temporary ban.
4. If granted access after having been banned and violations continue the ban will become permanent.
5. Remedy is offered if an MOA staffer is able to work out a suitable agreement for participation that doesn't infringe on the rights of other patrons or staff.
6. False bidding is NOT an item that we will negotiate on.
7. Management staff of the particular event or activity have the final determination or course of action.

Majestic Oaks Rights

1. We have the right to refuse service to whomever we choose.
2. We have the right to with notice, given in game, adjust the percentage of fee charged for sale of items either up or down.
3. We do not offer any warranty or guarantee either written, expressed or implied other than that to transfer them as is, as they were presented to the winning bidder.
4. Majestic Oaks shall make several attempts to contact any who have submitted items that have either sold or not sold to pick up their items or gold. After a period three calendar months of time those funds, and items are moved to bulk storage. After other attempts to contact items which have been in bulk storage will be considered surrendered to Majestic Oaks to dispose of as we see fit. (typically you have 6 months)
5. To edit, delete or expand the number of items, quantities, quality of items we will accept for sale.
6. To refuse any item submitted that is 'deemed' illegal as dictated by EA games code of conduct, terms of service or Game Master.
7. To refuse payment and transfer of item if payment is offered in any form but UO gold,
8. To refuse the extension of credit or time payments.

It is our wish to remain independent and free from obligation or indebtedness to anyone. Majestic Oaks Auction. wishes to thank all our loyal patrons!