Majestic Oaks Auction History

Best Sellers

Amphibious Piglet GL 2011 - 1,200,000,000 Gold
Festive Grapes in Easter Dye - 700,000,000 Gold
George the Pirate Monkey, GL drop, 1/20, season 10 - 700,000,000 Gold
Unique Rare One of A Kind! The Holy Symbol of Raijen, Lord of The Sky - 700,000,000 Gold
Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold

Majestic Oaks Auction House has been a piece of the Great Lakes shard in one form or another for more than a decade. From humble beginings on Artic Isle, part of our team Pratt and DJ Scorp began with Impy's Artic Faire. We became Majestic Oaks Auction when Impy's dissolved. (This was before my time so I will not speculate about those events.)  Then the house near the Buc's Den portal outside Vesper was placed and the auction house moved into that location. Over the years we were part of Red Devil's Auction house in Felucca Great Lakes, we hosted auctions on Lake Superior and briefly on Europa. We did auctions on Great Lakes Wednesdays, Thursday and for a time Saturday of every week and Monday Night Madness which was a game night. The events of the the Monday night crew varied from Chests of Doom and Delight to a Casino night. 

The Castle on Artic Isle was placed on June 23, 2000 at 22:41 p.m. It was traded to DJ Scorp in July of 2019 when Pratt officially announced he was retiring from the game. As of this writing Dec 31 2019 it has had 172,088 visits. The auction house most have memories of outside Vesper was built on March 26, 2003 01:04:28 saw 285,533 visits before we moved back out to the castle in 2019. Per books in the castle Impy's had run nearly 3 years, the rest of that time has been under the Majestic Oaks Auction name. 

As time has moved and everyone got busier, on our operations have changed to fit the new environment. We've pared down to one auction per week, consolidated game night into the main auction, and even take the holidays and the odd week off.  But we haven't gone anywhere. 


Hello All,
They call me the Imaginator.  I began with Impy’s Arctic Faire out on Arctic Isle.  Impy's castle now Majestic Oaks Auction house. DJ Scorp and I recruited a few great folks and the auction house has continued on even in my absence.

I have always called Great Lakes home and the volunteers who carry on this legacy are some of the best people I’ve had the pleasure to know. I may still from time to time wander in to chat with old friends, but this world called Earth has summoned me away from Sosaria.
Be all you can be!

He officially retired his accounts July of 2019, and we under went a rapid change of venues moving back to the Castle. 

Old Location

Majestic Oaks (Vesper)  is located at 57°23'N, 91°53'E on the Great Lakes server.  You can find us easily by going through the Bucaneer's Den portal, heading west out of Vesper's south entrance, or going south out of Luna and using the banner which still drops you at the old location. We also employ a friendly gate service via Anthony.

Rare's Fest

We have hosted Rare's fest twice on Great Lakes, once with Illyana Strange at the helm (the years all blurr) my guess would be around 2009 and the other late spring/ early summer of 2012, the latest on Baja summer of 2020.  While both were a lot of fun the amount of work for just 4 or so people is staggering and sleep is in short supply. The second fest was held in Vesper, Mesanna and the Dev's did "Hollywood Squares" UO style with us and we did our UO version of "Are you Smarter than a Neophyte". There was a live auction and a silent auction, and I regret I can not remember his name only that he was from Asia the fellow who did the silent auction part. Was a true asset to the rare's world. Also, Nails Warstein was a valuable resource in pulling this off. Live auctions tend to make people a bit nervous it seems. 


We host a holiday event some where in the 2nd week of December now (use to be later) at the auction house every year. Santa brings gifts to those who attend, trivia prize amounts are greatly increased, a mystery chest is tradition and so has the 12 days of Christmas become so. We endeavor to improve the event each year and to give back to the shard and our patrons. Life doesn't always allow, but we try to give out treat bags for Halloween or help co-sponsor a shard event. Decor changes with the seasons. Valentine's day and near Easter  we try to remember those who make it possible for us to do this. I have fond memories of the treasure hunting event we hosted, the best laid plans, the Yew Militia back in the day had to come to the rescue seems or healing platform wasn't sufficently protected and all of the MOA staff ended up dead. We've done scavenger hunts, sometimes it's "Lost MOA", "Runes to Riches" was another favorite. We've even had the PEC help with an event where our patrons got to kill DJ Scorp.