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Best Sellers

Festive Grapes in Easter Dye - 700,000,000 Gold
George the Pirate Monkey, GL drop, 1/20, season 10 - 700,000,000 Gold
Unique Rare One of A Kind! The Holy Symbol of Raijen, Lord of The Sky - 700,000,000 Gold
Two Story Statue - 700,000,000 Gold
2 Story Statue - 660,000,000 Gold

Majestic Oaks Auction House has been serving the Great Lakes Shard for more than Fifteen years. 

You can reach staff regarding questions or submissions for sale via icq and some of us via discord. Those with contact information listed are co-owners willing to help with in game submissions as able. They can only accept items in the auction house while in the "auction pit" only Co-owners can access that area. You may also use the mailbox on the steps if you wish, please send a note if you can letting us know you dropped stuff off! Thank you. 

DJ Scorp

ICQ # 161- 8- 416 Discord DJ Scorp #8800

He is the longest serving member left in Majestic Oaks Auction. Having been around during the years as Impy's Artic Faire. He is typically our auctioneer. 


ICQ # 678-797- 394 Discord Tanda/Melian #5059

The second longest serving member of Majestic Oaks Auction. I was recruited by Grigory, trained by Soulblighter. Began as a gater, then moved to decorating the auction house. A spinster Elf who puts her work first. Typically, works as cashier and event planner. 

Princess Melody

ICQ# @PrincessMelody 

Third in longevity, and the youngest (irl), she often works as our broker, but you will see her auctioneer now and then. She's a great blessing and a trooper when it comes to rolling up her sleeves and helping our where ever needed. 



Fourth in longevity, our dedicated gater, while having some experience in other jobs, prefers to transport our great customers! No contact information as he prefers NOT to accept submissions and such. 

Esme Lovingsgood


ICQ#   612-499-983         Discord Destinie Moon#0462

Esme comes to the rescue as needed, gating, brokering, cashiering. Auctioneer training hasn't been done yet. Will always have the means to contact me. 


She has been a member on and off for many years. Will come in and help out as backup for us when she can and we have need.